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    Chris DeWelt International Student Scholarship Application

    The Scholarship Committee will select students who best meet the application requirements, demonstrate academic strength, and have Christian Leadership development as well as a commitment to growing and learning.

    *All fields are required.
    Student Type*
    Student Type*
    Entry Term/Year:*
    International students are eligible for Fall enrollment only.
    Entry Term/Year:*
    International students are eligible for Fall enrollment only.
    PART I
    Please list your involvement in the following areas:
    Record a 2-3 minute video describing why diversity matters in the kingdom of God and how you will share the Gospel of Jesus Christ upon returning to your home country.*

    Once you hit the "Ready" button, you will have 30 seconds before the system starts recording automatically, or you can you can click the "Record" button to start recording when you're ready. The system will automatically stop recording at the 3 minute mark, or you can to stop recording when you're done. 

    If you're not satisfied with your video, you may try again before submitting.
    “I realize that I must maintain a 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) at Ozark Christian College, remain in compliance with the college handbook and student guidelines of the college, and meet once a month with the Director of Multicultural Affairs to renew the scholarship each year. I understand that my scholarship will be coordinated with federal and Ozark Christian College financial aid to which I may be entitled. I affirm by my signature that the information contained in my application is my own work, factually true and honestly presented.”